Charades Ideas - Charades Cards

A game of charades, played with your friends, with random generated cards. The goal is to guess everything on a card in the shortest time possible.

Play it on your smartphone - iPhone or Android or Windows phone, tablet - iPad or Android or Windows Surface, on your laptop computer.

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One player draws a random card and mimes the phrases in no particular order.

Other team members have to guess.

When a phrase is guessed check it (click on it).

For each guessed phrase team gets one point.


When a card is drawn, a 3 minute countdown starts.

If the team checks all the phrases, the countdown will freeze.

The remaining time is converted to points. For every 18 seconds left team gets one point.

Conversion happens after Next button is clicked.


The winner is the team with 50 or more points.

Winner is declared at the end of a turn.

If two or more teams get 50+ points, the team with the most points wins. Draw is also possible.

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